Sunday Open Match – 21st October 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stLes HobsonMatch Fishing Scene25Suez Canal 83lbs 13oz
2ndM WilsonSmiths Bait and Tackle8Suez Canal 64lbs 10oz
3rdGary JonesTBA35Suez Canal 46lbs 12oz
4thAnt FurnivalTBA2Suez Canal 34lbs 14oz
5thG HandleyWheatsheaf40Suez Canal 31lbs 08oz
6thB Hunt Smoths Bait and Tackle 30Suez Canal 26lbs 06oz

Sunday Open Match – 14th October 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stCarl Day Matrix 8Panama 107lbs 05oz
2ndLes HodsonMatch Fishing Scene 15Panama 66lbs 10oz
3rdTony WeightmanMaver 12Panama 43lbs 04oz
4thJohn HillCudmore 24Panama 23lbs 08oz

Sunday Open Match – 7th October 2018

Place Name Peg Pool Weight
1st J Hulston11Suez Canal76lbs 06oz
2ndJ Myatt15Suez Canal76lbs 00oz
3rdR Bestwick7Suez Canal63lbs 04oz
4thL Hobson27Suez Canal60lbs 09oz
5thG Jones 39Suez Canal51lbs 14oz
6thI Cotton3Suez Canal39lbs 00oz

Sunday Open Match – 30th September 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stS Wilton38Suez Canal136lbs 13oz
2ndRyan Parr21Suez Canal112lbs 08oz
3rdPaul Davis11Suez Canal85lbs 12oz
4thHarry Rushton5Suez Canal81lbs 12oz
5thBen Handley 35Suez Canal80lbs 04oz
6thAndy Dyson19Suez Canal77lbs 13oz

Sunday Open Match – 23rd September 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stPaul GibsonTrentside 13Moors Canal145lbs 04oz
2ndJohn Glover JNRNathans 19Panama120lbs 06oz
3rdStu Williams TBA 23Panama115lbs 01oz
4thMark FoxMaver 2Panama93lbs 11oz
5thAndy DysonMaver 3Moors Canal93lbs 10oz
6thSteff Brown TBA5Moors Canal89lbs 06oz

Sunday Open Match – 16th September 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stDave McmanusWaynes Tackle/ Matrix21Arena 154lbs 15oz
2ndChris GorrelWaynes Tackle/ Matrix13Arena 117lbs 03oz
3rdJohn BrogdenWaynes Tackle/ Matrix25Arena 110lbs 07oz
4thLes HobsonTBA29Arena 95lbs 15oz

Sunday Open Match – 9th September 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stDave Swain 14Suez Canal107lbs 11oz
2ndDean Lockett37Suez Canal89lbs 14oz
3rdC O'conner10Suez Canal83lbs 09oz
4thP Moore6Suez Canal67lbs 05oz
5thPaul Davis 22Suez Canal49lbs 02oz
6thB Hunt 12Suez Canal45lbs 08oz

Sunday Open Match – 26th August 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stC O'ConnorSmiths bait and Tackle 1Suez Canal145lbs 00oz
2ndPaul DavisSale Moor3Suez Canal133lbs 09oz
3rdSam BatesTrentside23Suez Canal110lbs 09oz
4thD Holland JNRTeam Tricats26Suez Canal87lbs 01oz
5thJ HoinvilleSams Bait and 17Suez Canal69lbs 13oz
6thG DykesTBA5Suez Canal53lbs 03oz

Sunday Open Match – 19th August 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stJ Hill Cudmore 3Moors 194lbs 15oz
2ndR ParrCudmore 27Arena169lbs 12oz
3rdCarl MoonCudmore 24Arena141lbs 06oz
4thC O'connerCudmore 21Arena134lbs 12oz
5thPaul BramdrickCudmore 9Moors 118lbs 13oz
6thB Hunt Cudmore 6Arena90lbs 12oz

Sunday Open Match – 12th August 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stAdy LinsayTBA3Moors Canal 156lbs 06oz
2ndPaul CarnwellGarbolino Bait tech11Moors Canal 121lbs 11oz
3rdB HandleyNathans 22Suez Canal120lbs 02oz
4thA shawcrossTBA24Suez Canal110lbs 00oz
5thSimon Holmes Edgeley Sports 1Moors Canal 93lbs 15oz
6thKev RogersSmiths Bait and Tackle 28Suez Canal93lbs 09oz