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Saturday Open Match – 28th April 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stAlan Bruce Firswood Fishery13Moors Canal108lbs 01oz
2ndFrank Cook Firswood Fishery1Moors Canal86lbs 03oz
3rdJohn Glover JNRNathans 15Suez Canal85lbs 12oz
4thG Jones TBA11Suez Canal65lbs 10oz
5thAndy CunliffeTBA18Moors Canal65lbs 08oz
6thPete Holmes Cudmore 3Moors Canal65lbs 04oz

Thursday Vets Open – 26th April 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stIan Lally 6Suez 60lbs 15oz
2ndMick Poole18Suez 59lbs 12oz
3rdNeil Kinnersly12Suez 58lbs 12oz
4thJohn Glover SNR29Suez 56lbs 01oz
5thPete Clements 1Arena 49lbs 10oz
6thDave Blondon14Suez49lbs 09oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 24th April 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements 23Panama77lbs 09oz
2ndJohn Brayford 18Moors73lbs 11oz
3rdPaul Worsley 5Panama70lbs 00oz
4thNeil Kinnersly 1Moors62lbs 10oz
5thMick Poole11Panama62lbs 07oz
6thJohn Coxon20Panama55lbs 14oz

Sunday Open Match – 22nd April 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stGary SkerrittNathans 22Panama144lbs 04oz
2ndJohn Frost Cudmore 3Moors127lbs 11oz
3rdPaul Carnwell Garbolino Bait Tech12Panama118lbs 14oz
4thJohn Glover JNRNathans 18Moors84lbs 01oz
5thKeith StevensonCudmore - Angling Direct 19Panama81lbs 01oz
6thDean LockettCudmore 9Panama80lbs 09oz

Saturday Open Match – 21st April 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stMark Kearns Cresta 2Suez Canal200lbs 08oz
2ndJohn Glover JNRNathans26Suez Canal108lbs 05oz
3rdPaul WilliamsonCresta 30Suez Canal92lbs 14oz
4thDave Pickering Nathans 18Suez Canal90lbs 13oz
5thAndy PaggetWoodys Tackle 6Suez Canal88lbs 15oz
6thAnthony Furnival Cudmore14Suez Canal87lbs 11oz

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