Open Match Results

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Here you will find all the latest results and additional info about recent matches.

Sunday Open Match – 4th February 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stAndy Cleary Nathans 4Suez60lbs 10oz
2ndRich MynettCudmore8Suez57lbs 02oz
3rdBarry LoveCudmore33Suez44lbs 04oz
4thColin England Army A/C15Suez18lbs 8oz
5thJohn FrostCudmore29Suez16lbs 12oz

Thursday vets Open – 1st February 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements 16panama26lbs 12oz
2ndNeil Kinnersly23panama13lbs 11oz
3rdPete Bowyer20Panama12lbs 15oz
4thDave Ankers21Panama10lbs 01oz
5thJohn Brayford6Panama8lbs 08oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 30th January 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements 6Suez Canal126lbs 03oz
2ndMick Bennitt27Suez Canal27lbs 03oz
3rdJohn Brayford 8Suez Canal22lbs 12oz
4thNeil Kinnersly38Suez Canal21lbs 13oz
5thDave Ankers29Suez Canal17lbs 04oz
6thPhil Hancock10Suez Canal15lbs 01oz

Thursday Vets Open – 25th February 2018

PlaceName Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Bowyer 4Suez Canal30lbs 14oz
2ndColin Jackson36Suez Canal17lbs 13oz
3rdNeil Kinnersly 28Suez Canal16lbs 09oz
4thJohn Merconodelly30Suez Canal16lbs 07oz
5thJohn Brayford32Suez Canal12lbs 08oz
6thTed Stott34Suez Canal11lbs 06oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 16th January 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stNeil Kinnersly 14Panama25lbs 12oz
2ndDave Holman 20Panama16lbs 05oz
3rdJohn Brayford24Panama10lbs 08oz
4thPete Clements23Panama10lbs 00oz
5thJohn Hill18Panama9lbs 14oz
6thDave Ankers15Panama7lbs 10oz

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