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Thursday Vets Open – 25th October 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stHarold Simcox12Panama48lbs 12oz
2ndAlan Merrill30Arena47lbs 12oz
3rdPete Clements16Panama39lbs 06oz
4thMal Platt18Panama35lbs 11oz
5thJohn Glover SNR10Panama28lbs 14oz
6thGary Ainsworth13Arena27lbs 00oz

Thursday Vets Open – 23rd October 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stBrian Taylor 20Moors Canal59lbs 01oz
2ndJoe Hobson9Suez Canal45lbs 08oz
3rdAlan Morris 10Moors Canal37lbs 11oz
4thPete Clements 3Suez Canal33lbs 10oz
5thMick Poole25Suez Canal33lbs 10oz
6thMick Bennet3Moors Canal33lbs 09oz

Sunday Open Match – 21st October 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stLes HobsonMatch Fishing Scene25Suez Canal 83lbs 13oz
2ndM WilsonSmiths Bait and Tackle8Suez Canal 64lbs 10oz
3rdGary JonesTBA35Suez Canal 46lbs 12oz
4thAnt FurnivalTBA2Suez Canal 34lbs 14oz
5thG HandleyWheatsheaf40Suez Canal 31lbs 08oz
6thB Hunt Smoths Bait and Tackle 30Suez Canal 26lbs 06oz

Thursday Vets Open – 18th October 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stTim Stokes 13Arena 76lbs 08oz
2ndBrianb Taylor 29Arena 52lbs 08oz
3rdNeil Kinnersly 17Arena 50lbs 11oz
4thPete Clements 8Suez 45lbs 09oz
5thPete Bowyer 2Moors40lbs 12oz
6thGeorge litherland27Suez 35lbs 00oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 16th October 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stTim Stokes 4Suez Canal81lbs 15oz
2ndNeil Kinnersly 2Suez Canal55lbs 04oz
3rdHarold Simcox12Panama50lbs 00oz
4thJohn Brayford 6Panama39lbs 07oz
5thPete Clements 25Suez Canal33lbs 15oz
6thMal Platt 29Suez Canal33lbs 15oz

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