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Tuesday Open Match – 8th May 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stNeil Kinnersly 21Arena 90lbs 05oz
2ndMick Poole1Arena 78lbs 01oz
3rdMick Bennet23Arena 62lbs 13oz
4thJohn Coxon19Arena 53lbs 06oz
5thDave Ankers17Arena 49lbs 11oz
6thStu Warrington27Arena 46lbs 01oz

May Bank Holiday Festival – 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
Day 1
1stHarry Rushton17Suez Canal117lbs 14oz
2ndPete Holmes 4Moors Canal96lbs 03oz
3rdJohn Glover JNR39Suez Canal92lbs 14oz
4thPaul Davis8Suez Canal91lbs 13oz
5thPaul Gibson31Suez Canal87lbs 07oz
6thPaul Carnwell6Moors Canal82lbs 08oz
Day 2
1stJohn Glover JNR19Moors Canal150lbs 06oz
2ndKev Shone 6Moors Canal112lbs 10oz
3rdKeith Owen33Suez Canal110lbs 01oz
4thPaul Gibson9Moors Canal105lbs 12oz
5thJohn Frost17Moors Canal102lbs 01oz
6thMark Kearns 5Suez Canal93lbs 15oz
Day 3
1stHarry Rushton 4Moors Canal177lbs 13oz
2ndJohn Glover JNR2Suez Canal151lbs 08oz
3rdDean Lockett39Suez Canal133lbs 12oz
4thPaul Davis 17Moors Canal132lbs 01oz
5th Frank Cooke8Suez Canal97lbs 01oz
6thPaul Gibson14Suez Canal91lbs 08oz

Thursday Vets Open – 3rd May 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stHarry Jackson4Moors Canal67lbs 12oz
2ndColin Jackson1Moors Canal49lbs 03oz
3rdMick Poole13Moors Canal45lbs 00oz
4thJohn Coxon22Suez Canal44lbs 07oz
5thBrian Taylor24Suez Canal44lbs 04oz
6thJohn Causer7Moors Canal42lbs 03oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 1st May 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stSteve Warrington13Arena 78lbs 09oz
2ndPete Clements 29Arena74lbs 10oz
3rdHarold Simcocks15Panama59lbs 04oz
4thMick Poole20Panama59lbs 02oz
5thDave Holman7Arena55lbs 15oz
6thNeil Kinnersly 1Arena54lbs 15oz

Sunday Open Match – 29th April 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stCarl Day Matrix 20Panama 93lbs 05oz
2ndMike LitherlandCudmore 1Moors82lbs 04oz
3rdDave Pickering Nathans 5Panama75lbs 09oz
4thAde SheppardTrentside24Panama60lbs 07oz
5thJohn RowleyHanchurch13Moors55lbs 12oz
6thJohn Glover JNRNathans 15Moors53lbs 00oz

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