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Sunday Open Match- 9th February 2014

Place NameSponsorPegWeight
1st Mark Kearns Maver-Gold-Bagem1 Suez64lbs 12oz
2ndMel Kearns Cudmore Gold 2 Panama49lbs 08oz
3rdJohn Glover JNRCudmore Gold 6 Panama42lbs 12oz
4thKeith StevensonTrentham Lakes22 Suez24lbs 10oz
5thGary Kirby Cudmore Gold 19 Suez21lbs 08oz

Saturday Open Match- 8th February 2014

PlaceNameSponsorPeg Weight
1stShaun HillMaver Gold- Bagem2261lbs 08oz
2ndJohn Glover JNRCudmore Gold 2039lbs 02oz
3rdPete BowyerProtak Barlows2436lbs 10oz
4th Andy May Map- Bait tec3335lbs 06oz
5thMark KearnsMaver- Gold -Bagem 1021lbs 10oz

Sunday open match- 2nd February 2014

1st Gary Kirby Cudmore Gold 656lbs 10oz
2nd Ronnie LambCudmore Gold 235lbs 10oz
3rdKeith StevensonTrentham Lakes426lbs 0oz
4thMark Rowlands Liverpool2625lbs 08oz
5thCarl Lane Prescott Angling 1016lbs 06oz

Saturday open match- 1st February 2014

1stGareth GibbonsMatrix- Barlows9 Panama34lbs 0oz
2ndShaun HillMaver-Gold- Bagem 6 Panama24lbs 04oz
3rd Pete BowyerProtak Barlow 15 Panama18lbs 0oz
4thCarl Lane Prescot Angling 16 Suez13lbs 14oz
5thJohn Glover SNRCudmore 4 Suez12lbs 14oz

vets thursday open-30th January 2014

1stbarry lovecudmore856lb-12oz
2nddave goodyearcudmore2547lb-04oz
3rdpete bowyercudmore233lb-12oz
4thken bowencudmore626lb-00oz
5thjohn armittcudmore2317lb-08oz

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