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Here you will find all the latest results and additional info about recent matches.

Saturday Open Match – 26th April 2014

Place Name Sponsor Peg Weight
1st Carl Lane Prescott Angling 2291lbs 06oz
2nd Shaun HillMaver Gold Bagem 791lbs 00oz
3rdChris GorrellTed Carter Southport 1787lbs 14oz
4th Mark Kearns Maver Gold Bagem 3877lbs 00oz
5th Steve SharrockTed Carter Southport2574lbs 00oz
6th Dave Mcmanus Ted Carter Southport 2166lbs 12oz

Thursday Vets Open – 24th April 2014

PlaceName Peg Weight
1st Ted Stott 2174lbs 00oz
2nd Harold Simcock3057lbs 08oz
3rd Mick Poole 848lbs 12oz
4th Neil Kinnersley 341lbs 12oz
5th Martin Leferie1537lbs 0oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 22nd April 2014

Place Name Peg Weight
1st Neil Kinnersley 1244lbs 04oz
2nd Ben Bowen 843lbs 08oz
3rdPhil Hancock 2140lbs 08oz
4th Martin Leferie 539lbs 00oz
5th Ian Lally636lbs 12oz

Monday Open Match – 21st April 2014

Place Name Sponsor Peg Weight
1st John Ashwell Camey Pools 9123lbs 00oz
2nd Brad Parks Camey Pools 384lbs 08oz
3rd John Glover SNR Team Cudmore 1183lbs 04oz
4th John Glover JNRTeam Cudmore 3175lbs 14oz
5th Carl Lane Prescott Angling 565lbs 14oz
6th Tony Weightman Ted Carter Southport 1365lbs 14oz

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