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Here you will find all the latest results and additional info about recent matches.

Saturday Open Match – 7th June 2014

Place Name Sponsor Peg Weight
1st Shaun Hill Maver Gold Bagem 3597lbs 06oz
2nd Harry RushtonPreston Innovations Cudmore2379lbs 02oz
3rd Chris GorrellTed Carter Southport 3978lbs 12oz
4th John Glover JNRPreston Innovations Cudmore 4178lbs 04oz
5th Lee Rielinger Maver 2176lbs 02oz
6th Francis O'RielyMaver Bagem 1373lbs 02oz

Thursday Vets Opne – 5th June 2014

Place Name Peg Weight
1st Mick Evans 3068lbs 12oz
2nd Martin Leverve 2556lbs 00oz
3rd John Brayford 2752lbs 12oz
4th Dave Blondon 4240lbs 12oz
5th Mal Platt 3640lbs 04oz

Vets Open Match – 3rd June 2014

Place Name Peg Weight
1st Harold Simcox647lbs 02oz
2nd Dennis Pemberton 2934lbs 04oz
3rd Mick Evans 2331lbs 04oz
4th Dave Blondon 2730lbs 00oz
5th Barry Jennings 2025lbs 04oz

Sunday Open Match – 1st June 2014

Place Name SponsorPeg Weight
1st Shaun HillMaver Gold Bagem Suez 35129lbs 00oz
2nd Jez GoldthorpeMatrix Stapeley Dynamite Panama 2088lbs 10oz
3rd Mark Kearns Maver Gold Bagem Panama 1684lbs 14oz
4th Chris JoneCrewe Carpin Match Suez 4178lbs 10oz
5th John Maley Cdumore ?Panama 461lbs 02oz

Saturday Open Match – 31st May 2014

Place Name Sponsor Peg Weight
1st Liam KillingerSaints Suez 2688lbs 06oz
2nd Harry Rushton Team Cudmore Panama 881lbs 10oz
3rd Steve Knowls Ted Carter SouthportSuez 3374lbs 00oz
4th Carl Lane Prescott Anghling Suez 372lbs 00oz
5th Dave Darlington Leigh Tackle and Bait Suez 4859lbs 04oz
6th Craig WhittakerMac Lads Panama 457lbs 06oz

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