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Here you will find all the latest results and additional info about recent matches.

Thursday Vets Open – 6th December 2018

Place NamePegPoolWeight
1stDave Holman34Suez Canal70lbs 10oz
2ndMick Poole4Suez Canal64lbs 09oz
3rdHarold Simcox36Suez Canal60lbs 05oz
4thAlan Merrill12Suez Canal51lbs 15oz
5thNeil Kinnersly20Suez Canal47lbs 03oz
6thPete Clements14Suez Canal36lbs 05oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 4th December 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Bowyer6Suez Canal87lbs 07oz
2ndDave Holman4Suez Canal51lbs 09oz
3rdPete Clements 35Suez Canal45lbs 03oz
4thAlan Merrill33Suez Canal39lbs 07oz
5thHarold Simcox25Suez Canal37lbs 08oz
6thIan Lally11Panama31lbs 09oz

Thursday Vets Open – 29th November 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stLes Hobson28Suez Canal51lbs 03oz
2ndJohn Glover 31Suez Canal51lbs 00oz
3rdJoe Freeman8Suez Canal46lbs 03oz
4thDave Holman14Suez Canal43lbs 00oz
5thColin Jackson10Suez Canal41lbs 08oz
6thKen Hough4Suez Canal35lbs 04oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 27th November 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stHarold Simcox10Suez Canal38lbs 09oz
2ndAlan Merril6Suez Canal37lbs 07oz
3rdJohn Brayford4Suez Canal24lbs 15oz
4thBrian Maddocks8Suez Canal23lbs 05oz
5thPete Clements 33Suez Canal21lbs 14oz
6thKeith Knight39Suez Canal17lbs 10oz

Thursday Vets Open – 22nd November 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stNeil kinnersly 8Suez Canal42lbs 10oz
2ndMick Bennit36Suez Canal39lbs 14oz
3rdPete Clements 39Suez Canal28lbs 02oz
4thTim Stokes5Suez Canal19lbs 09oz
5thJoe Freeman28Suez Canal18lbs 14oz
6thDave Ankers15Suez Canal18lbs 13oz

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