Open Match Rules.

  • All fish must be netted (excluding very small Gudgeon, Roach and Perch).
  • All nets must be placed behind the peg until 10 minutes before the all in.
  • Two nets must be submerged at the start of the match and fish spread equally. Once 50lbs is achieved in each net a third net must be added. If only two nets are used and a net limited (50lbs) is broken, the additional weight will not be counted in that net. If three nets are used and as long as fish are spread between them, all weights will be counted.
  • Anglers can only fish half way between themselves and the next angler. This includes open lakes where an angler is pegged across the lake.
  • No Floating baits.
  • No Pet food (Cat and Dog Meat).
  • Use of (the Mong Rig) is now banned, this includes to use of an over shotted float.
  • Floats must be fixed with a minum of 6inches between the pole tip and the float.
  • No litter to be left on the pegs.
  • No bait to be thrown in after the match.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Match official decisions are final.

The match venues are published on our web site, however we reserve the right to change a venue on the day if we feel it in the interest of the fishery and possible match outcome. Please come prepared to fish any lake.