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Arena was purposely built with its auditorium style embankments providing a great perspective for Spectators. The lake has 32 evenly spaced pegs with an average depths Range of 2 ft to 6 ft.'


Drumble has 2 Islands, Lilly Beds and many more features
Depth Range 2ft to 6ft. 33 Pegs


Milo is Stocked with Carp, Chub, Barbel, Ide, Crucian Carp, Skimmer Bream and Tench. Depths range from 3 ft to 10 ft


Tara stock contains Carp from 15lb to 32lb, Cats to 68lbs, Pike to 20lbs and some large pike. silvers are also present in this lake. the lake depths are 3ft to 6ft.


Suez is a canal type lake. Stocked with Carp, F1's, Tench, Bream, Chub, Ide, Barbel. with an average width of 14mtr, Depths Range 2ft to 7ft. '


Our New runs water is now open to the Public. This lake is stocked with carp up to 20lbs+ and Cats to 60lbs.'


Avoca is the Main Specimen Lake, It has many features and gravel bars, This lake contains carp to 30lbs and cats to 70lbs. Depth Range 3ft to 10ft. 38 peg


Stocked the same as Suez Canal. '


Mainly carp between 2lbs - 5lbs but this lake also contains other species including, Tench, Ide, Chub, Skimmers and Barbel. '


F1's, Common, Mirror Carp, Barbel and Tench are the main species in here. ''


Carp, Carp and More Carp. Currently into the high teens but these new fish are fast growing so this lake remains an unknown. This lake now also contains cats to 60lbs'

Main Lakes

Cudmore Fisheries is home to many lakes which vary from pleasure and match lakes to predator and specimen lakes.  Below is a list of our main lakes, click on the lake name to open up further information about the lakes such as, depths, match and fish records, best baits and best methods etc.

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