New Lake Records Again

23rd July 2018

Well what a weekend!!. Saturday open match recorded 11 weights over 100lbs and two new match records once again. Garbolino/bait tech sponsored Paul Carnwell smashed his current record of 198lbs on moors canal with a massive 324lbs 03oz and Map sponsored Andy May smashed the current suez canal record from Matrix backed Carl Day’s record of 211lbs with a massive 257lbs 03oz. Third placed was Matrix backed Carl Day with 197lbs 05oz, followed by john Glover JNR with 171lbs 00oz.

Sorry no picture from Mr May and here’s one of Paul Carnwell with only a small amount of his massive weight


Well done to all who took part.

Fish Safety

Please note that whilst fishing on Tara and Avoca lakes, anglers must have a cradle style weigh sling. All Carp and Cats must not be photographed while standing up and must have the weigh mat under the fish at all times. fish must also be transported to and from the water in the sling.

Anglers should also be in possession of a carp care kit on all carp waters.

These rules are for the safety of the fish and angler not in the possession of the correct kit will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.