Thursday Vets Open – 22nd February 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements 25Suez Canal29lbs 06oz
2ndMick Willett27Suez Canal22lbs 01oz
3rdColin Jackson33Suez Canal22lbs 00oz
4thJohn Brayford18Suez Canal19lbs 12oz
5thNeil Kinnersly 14Suez Canal18lbs 12oz
6thJohn Glover SNR4Suez Canal18lbs 06oz

Sunday Open Match – 18th February 2018

PlaceName Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stRickie MynettCudmore 18Moors Canal22lbs 08oz
2ndD BrassingtonR Beswick and Son4Moors Canal19lbs 01oz
3rdM LItherlandAtomic Baits 6Moors Canal18lbs 07oz
4thR BeswickR Beswick and Son12Moors Canal14lbs 10oz
5thRoy Davis Sale moor2Moors Canal13lbs 03oz
6thG Brighton Cudmore 10Moors Canal11lbs 08oz

Saturday Open Match – 17th February 2018

Place Name SponsorPeg PoolWeight
1stAde CattelIans Tackle 30Suez Canal29lbs 02oz
2ndGary KirbyCudmore 34Suez Canal27lbs 15oz
3rdSimon WarrinderTrentham Lakes5Suez Canal18lbs 08oz
4thRob PrinceCrewe Match Centre36Suez Canal13lbs 07oz
5thColin HarleyCudmore 9Suez Canal11lbs 02oz
6thJohn Glover JNRNathans 3Suez Canal10lbs 11oz

Thursday Vets Open – 15th February 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements34Suez Canal27lbs 14oz
2ndJohn Glover SNR2Suez Canal17lbs 08oz
3rdDave Ankers30Suez Canal17lbs 06oz
4thBrian Maddocks8Suez Canal17lbs 02oz
5thJohn Brayford4Suez Canal16lbs 15oz

Sunday Open match – 11th February 2018

1stNeil DimockTrentside Tackle11Moors Canal43lbs 00oz
2ndSimon BatesTrentside Tackle2Moors Canal34lbs 02oz
3rdGary KirbyCudmore18Moors Canal28lbs 00oz
4thJohn FrostCudmore7Moors Canal22lbs 04oz

Saturday Open Match – 10th February 2018

1stRichie CraneCudmore19Suez25lbs 13oz
2ndAnt FurnivalTed Carter6Suez17lbs 03oz
3rdJohn Glover JNRNathans10Suez16lbs 03oz
4thColin HarleyCudmore30Suez12lbs 04oz

Sunday Open Match – 4th February 2018

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stAndy Cleary Nathans 4Suez60lbs 10oz
2ndRich MynettCudmore8Suez57lbs 02oz
3rdBarry LoveCudmore33Suez44lbs 04oz
4thColin England Army A/C15Suez18lbs 8oz
5thJohn FrostCudmore29Suez16lbs 12oz

Thursday vets Open – 1st February 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements 16panama26lbs 12oz
2ndNeil Kinnersly23panama13lbs 11oz
3rdPete Bowyer20Panama12lbs 15oz
4thDave Ankers21Panama10lbs 01oz
5thJohn Brayford6Panama8lbs 08oz