Tuesday Vets Open – 28th November 2018

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPete Clements 4Suez Canal19lbs 13oz
2ndChas Dale33Suez Canal19lbs 00oz
3rdNeil Kinnersly8Suez Canal17lbs 08oz
4thJohn Ainsworth10Suez Canal14lbs 05oz
5thRob Prince 39Suez Canal12lbs 06oz
6thDave Ankers6Suez Canal10lbs 10oz

Sunday Open Match – 26th November 2017

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stDave Potts Trentham Lakes9Moors Canal21lbs 00oz
2ndMatthew RochesterKettlebrook3Moors Canal17lbs 05oz
3rdBarry LoveCudmore 12Moors Canal14lbs 12oz
4thChris CrossKettlebrook16Moors Canal11lbs 14oz
5thMick ReynoldsCudmore 2Moors Canal10lbs 00oz
6thKeith StevensonCudmore 19Moors Canal8lbs 10oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 21st November 2017

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stHarold Simcocks8Suez 34lbs 05oz
2ndPete Clements 36Suez 24lbs 05oz
3rdAlan Merrill39Suez 22lbs 09oz
4thKeith Knight2Moors22lbs 00oz
5thMick Bennett17Suez 21lbs 00oz
6thBrian MaddocksTBASuez 20lbs 05oz

Saturday pairs winter league – 18th November 2017

Place Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stDean LockettBrowning Lifestyle26Suez 48lbs 12oz
2nd Colin EnglandFosters Army11Suez36lbs 12oz
3rdJohn Glover Nathans 12Moors32lbs 03oz
4thMark Kearns Browning Lifestyle 6Moors31lbs 08oz
5thRob Prince Crewe Carp and Match2Suez 22lbs 10oz
6thGary KirbyNathans 39Suez21lbs 12oz
Top 3 teams on the day
1stMark Kearns/ Dean LockettBrowning Lifestyle 3pts
2ndGary Kirby/ John Glover Nathans 5pts
3rdGraham Bowers/Colin England Fosters Army5pts
League top 3 teams
1stDean Locket/ Mark Kearns Browning Lifestyle 20pts
2nd Carl Day/ Pete Clements Matrix 25pts
3rdJohn Glover jnr/ Gary KirbyNathans 25pts

Thursday Vets Open – 16th November 2017

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stJohn Cursor 2Arena 61lbs 10oz
2ndRob Prince 8Suez 43lbs 09oz
3rdPete Clements 4Arena 41lbs 15oz
4thJohn Wild 2Suez 41lbs 09oz
5thDave Holmond 26Arena38lbs 11oz
6thTed Stott14Suez30lbs 01oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 14th November 2017

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stPhil Hancock17Panama 45lbs 04oz
2ndHarold Simcock20Panama42lbs 15oz
3rdPete Clements 4Panama40lbs 01oz
4thJohn Wild 6Panama39lbs 13oz
5thMick Poole21Panama25lbs 15oz
6thGerry Ainsworth12Panama25lbs 03oz

Sunday Open Match – 12th November 2017

Position Name Sponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stColin EnglandFosters Army 12Suez Canal 42lbs 04oz
2ndRichie MynottCudmore 4Suez Canal 30lbs 14oz
3rdJohn Frost Cudmore 30Suez Canal 23lbs 13oz
4thDave Potts Trentham Lakes8Suez Canal 23lbs 00oz
5thRob Marsdon Trentham Lakes34Suez Canal 22lbs 07oz
6thMelvyn Kearns Chessy Boys 18Suez Canal 21lbs 12oz

Saturday Open Match – 11th November 2017

Place Name SponsorPeg PoolWeight
1stMark KearnsBrowning Lifestyle 6Moors Canal50lbs 13oz
2ndJohn FrostCudmore 15Moors Canal31lbs 03oz
3rdKen Woodfield Sensas Blackcountry18Moors Canal27lbs 12oz
4thSimon NicklessSensasBlackcountry9Moors Canal24lbs 05oz
5thBrian MaddockCudmore3Moors Canal13lbs 13oz
6thKeith StevensonCudmore12Moors Canal11lbs 15oz

Thursday Vets Open – 9th November 2017

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stDave Holman 26Arena62lbs 14oz
2ndBrian Taylor2Arena47lbs 05oz
3rdNeil Kinnersly28Arena42lbs 03oz
4thHarold Simcocks4Arena40lbs 13oz
5thBrian Maddocks14Moors36lbs 14oz
6thJohn Causer22Arena36lbs 08oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 7th November 2017

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1stNeil Kinnersly 27Suez 38lbs 00oz
2ndMick Bennett17Suez 31lbs 04oz
3rdPete Clements 8Suez 31lbs 00oz
4thMick Poole5Suez 27lbs 04oz
5thJohn Beresford 2Suez 21lbs 00oz
6thPete Bowyer 33Suez 17lbs 07oz