Thursday Vets Open – 30th July 2015

Place NamePeg Pool Weight
1stDave Blondon 11Panama 43lbs 03oz
2ndJohn Glover 6Panama 39lbs 11oz
3rdPaul Starker17Panama 38lbs 03oz
4thMick Poole 23Panama 26lbs 01oz
5thPhil Hancock 7Panama 21lbs 13oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 28th July 2015

Place NamePeg Pool Weight
1st Ian Lally 4Moors 36lbs 11oz
2ndDave Ankers 10Moors 36lbs 04oz
3rdMick Poole 20Moors 24lbs 06oz
4thPhil Hancock 8Moors 17lbs 09oz
5thJohn Glover 14Moors 16lbs 09oz

Sunday Open Match – 26th July 2015

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st John Glover JNRTeam Cudmore 2Suez 33lbs 15oz
2ndDave Pickering Nathans of Stoke 8Suez31lbs 07oz
3rdJohn Glover SNR Team Cudmore 30Suez29lbs 15oz
4thBilly Gilchrist Team Cudmore19Suez27lbs 12oz
5thRob Prince Team Cudmore14Suez24lbs 03oz
6th Keith StevensonTeam Cudmore36Suez23lbs 01oz

Saturday Open Match – 25th July 2015

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1stKevin Shone Team Cudmore 19Edwards 39lbs 14oz
2ndRyan ParrTeam Cudmore 12Edwards 36lbs 12oz
3rdRickie Crane Cudmore 8Edwards 35lbs 04oz
4thGary Skerrit Nathans Of Stoke 25Edwards 33lbs 06oz
5thJohn Glover JNRTeam Cudmore 27Edwards 30lbs 09oz
6th Rob Prince Crewe Match 10Edwards 29lbs 00oz

Thursday Vets Open – 23rd July 2015

Place Name Peg Pool Weight
1st Harold Simcock30Suez37lbs 10oz
2ndPhil Hancock2Suez27lbs 05oz
3rdDannis Pemberton 16Suez24lbs 05oz
4thDave Ankers 32Suez21lbs 03oz
5thMick Ball 28Suez20lbs 07oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 21st Jult 2015

Place Name Peg Pool Weight
1st Dave Blondon 18Arena 36lbs 02oz
2ndMike Walker 31Arena 29lbs 04oz
3rdCarl Rowley 16Arena 28lbs 04oz
4thJohn Glover 19Arena 24lbs 09oz
5th Mick Poole 7Arena 20lbs 12oz

Thursday vets open – 16th July 2015

PlaceNamePeg PoolWeight
1st Neil Kinnersly 20Edwards 50lbs 07oz
2ndCarl Rowley 16Edwards 41lbs 14oz
3rdDave Goodyear10Edwards 28lbs 05oz
4thTom Roberts 23Edwards 27lbs 06oz
5thPhil Hancock 5Edwards 26lbs 13oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 14th July 2015

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1st Carl Rowley 16Suez53lbs 13oz
2ndNeil Kinnersly 31Suez43lbs 04oz
3rdTony Edwards 29Suez42lbs 14oz
4thJohn Brayford 39Suez42lbs 07oz
5thPhil Hancock2Suez40lbs 10oz

Sunday Open Match – 12th July 2015

PlaceNameSponsor Peg PoolWeight
1stJohn Glover JNRTeam Cudmore 24Edwards 81lbs 10oz
2ndMark Kearns Browning Lifestyle 7Edwards 74lbs 09oz
3rdRob Marsden Team Cudmore 19Edwards 55lbs 08oz
4thJohn Glover SNRTeam Cudmore 1Pool 1 51lbs 11oz
5thDave Pickering Nathans of Stoke 20Edwards 49lbs 14oz
6thAndy Gregory Matrix6Edwards 49lbs 10oz

Saturday Open Match – 11th July 2015

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st Harry Rushton Maver Midlands 7Panama 73lbs 04oz
2ndMark Kearns Browning Lifestyle 15Panama 64lbs 14oz
3rdJohn Glover JNRTeam Cudmore 25Panama 56lbs 13oz
4thRichie Crane Team Cudmore 11Panama 51lbs 04oz
5thRyan ParrTeam Cudmore 9Panama 44lbs 10oz