Sunday Open Match – 20th December 2015

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st Billy Gilchrist Whitmore Leisure42lbs 12ozMoors Canal42lbs 12oz
2ndRicky Seaton Whitmore Leisure13lbs11ozMoors Canal13lbs 11oz
3rdJohn Glover JNRWhitmore Leisure Nathans13lbs 05ozMoors Canal13lbs 05oz

Saturday Open Match – 19th December 2015

PlaceName Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st Andy Rogers Whitmore Leisure 13Panama 37lbs 08oz
2ndJohn Glover SNRWhitmore Leisure 19Panama 35lbs 00oz
3rdGraham Bowers Whitmore Leisure 15Panama 33lbs 00oz

Vets Open Match – Thursday 17th December

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1st Neil Kinnersly 7Drumble 50lbs 07oz
2ndPete Clements 6Drumble 47lbs 10oz
3rdDave Holman 17Drumble 37lbs 12oz
4thDave Ankers2Drumble 27lbs 15oz
5thCarl Rowley 5Drumble 24lbs 03oz
6thColin Colclough 9Drumble 23lbs 14oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 15th December 2015

Place Name Pool Peg Weight
1st Phil Wordsley Arena 2033lbs 08oz
2ndPete Clements Arena 2929lbs 00oz
3rdJohn CoxonArena 3126lbs 04oz
4thKen Bowen Arena 3224lbs 04oz
5thBrian Taylor Arena 520lbs 07oz

Sunday Open Match – 6th December 2015

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st John Glover JNRWhitemore - Nathans 13Moors 40lbs 00oz
2ndRicky Seaton Whitemore Leisure 4Moors 28lbs 07oz
3rdPeter Holmes Whitemore Leisure 17Moors 27lbs 07oz
4thBilly Gilchrist Whitemore Leisure 11Moors 24lbs 09oz

Winter League – Saturday 5th December

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st Gary SkerrittMac Lads Nathans 14Panama 48lbs 02oz
2ndJohn Glover JNRWhitmore Leisure Nathans2Suez40lbs 05oz
3rdSimon Jones Trentside Sonubaits 17Panama 32lbs 00oz
4thPaul Williamson Browning Lifestyle 6Arena 26lbs 13oz
5thGraham Bowers Whitemore Leisure Red11Panama 24lbs 00oz
6thSam Darby TBA23Panama 23lbs 06oz
Teams on the day
1st Browning Lifestyle 8pts
2ndMac Lads 10pts
3rdTrentside Sonubaits 13pts

Thursday Vets Open – 3rd December 2015

Place Name Peg Pool Weight
1st Tom Roberts 30Arena 25lbs 01oz
2ndGraham Massey 28Arena23lbs 01oz
3rdNeil Kinnersly 26Arena21lbs 14oz
4thDennis Pemberton 24Arena19lbs 03oz
5thPete Clements 4Arena18lbs 11oz

Tuesday Vets Open – 1st December 2015

Place Name Peg PoolWeight
1st Mick Poole 12Panama 61lbs 03oz
2ndNeil Kinnersly 17Panama 36lbs 12oz
3rdJohn Glover SNR24Panama 33lbs 01oz
4thBrian Taylor 20Panama 28lbs 04oz
5th Carl Rowley 22Panama 15lbs 13oz

Winter League – 28th November 2015

Place Name Sponsor Peg Pool Weight
1st Mark Kearns Browning Lifestyle11Panama 75lbs 15oz
2ndGary Skerrit Map Drennan - Nathans 9Panama 45lbs 06oz
3rdStaurt Tong Whitmore Leisure 17Panama 37lbs 12oz
4thSimon Jones Trentside 14Panama 34lbs 02oz
Teams On The Day
1st Browning Lifestyle 6pts
2ndTrentside Sonu baits 10pts
3rdMap Drennan Northwest 12pts
Overall League Position
1st Browning Lifestyle 17pts
2nd Trentside Sonu Baits 33pts
3rdMap Drennan Northwest 33pts
4th Cudmore Bagem 401/2 pts

Thursday Vets Open – 26th November 2015

Place Name Peg Pool Weight
1st Ken Bowen 4Suez 22lbs 03oz
2ndNeil Kinnersly 27Suez21lbs 15oz
3rdCarl Rowley 30Suez20lbs 03oz
4thBrian Taylor 11Suez15lbs 09oz
5thGraham Massey 37Suez12lbs 11oz